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Arbitration is a cost effective and quicker way to settle disputes relating to children without having to go to Court. Alexandra Scott-Malden is a qualified IFLA Children’s Arbitrator (www.ifla.org.uk) and can act as your private judge. You choose the hearing date, the venue and the style (in person or remote).

This means it is flexible and less formal than Court. Some cases can be decided just on the papers. As a specialist children lawyer with over 20 years of experience, engaging Alexandra Scott-Malden as your Arbitrator will mean you avoid the long wait for a Court hearing date. Arbitration can be arranged at any stage before or within the Court proceedings, before the final hearing date. It is quicker than the Court process but the outcome is still a final, binding decision.

Matters suitable for Arbitration include disputes about where children should live, how much time they spend with each parent, education including change of school, removal out of England/Wales for a holiday, some relocation cases and routine/non-life threatening medical issues.

To discuss the suitability of your case, availability and costs for Arbitration, please contact Alexandra Scott-Malden by email scott-malden@hoiles.co.uk or ring 01635 45595 or 07733893613

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Solicitor, Collaborative Lawyer

Tel: 01635 45595
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